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I’m DJing on the Terrace at the beautiful Somerset House tomorrow and it got me thinking about some of the more unique DJing experiences I’ve had over the years. Some have still been in clubs but under slightly different circumstances to my normal DJ bookings. So here is a little list of my quirkiest bookings to date……

Armani Exchange – The Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

This has to take the top spot for strangeness. Myself and 2 of my production buddies, somehow found ourselves DJing in the window of the Armani Exchange as it launched in Brum. It was literally like DJing in a fishbowl, just without the water and the fake mini castle. People pointing and staring at us all day. Payment in shed loads of Armani clothes too. Obvs.

Top Shop Xmas Party – Fabric

Yep, you read it right!! The only time I’ve EVER played at Fabric (and probably the only time I will) and it was for the Topshop Xmas party. It was the main room too plus it was a free bar. Winner all round.

Eastenders Wedding – Park Lane Hotel

Many moons ago I met a guy called Gary Beadle, who happened to be in Eastenders at the time, at an afterparty on a boat on the Thames. He asked me to DJ at his wedding and a while later I actually got the invite to attend and DJ at an OK Magazine covered big lavish bash at the Park Lane Hotel. Gary wanted me to do a House Music set and I played after Tim Westwood (he was a bit odd, which probably comes as no surprise). At the time it was quite overwhelming, seeing famous people everywhere I turned (no Dot Cotton though), but it was a really fun gig and Gary and I have become good friends since then too.

Film Four Summer Screen Series – Somerset House

I’ve played for the Film Four series on three occasions now and have loved every one. Basically I DJ before they show the films and it’s a chill out type set with music that should sit with the movies you are playing before. For example, one year I DJed before the double bill of Serpico and Shaft, so I served up a whole load of funk from that era. Its really quite cool to just play tunes and not need to concern yourself about people dancing……although I’ve seen a few DJs do that when people should be dancing!! Plus I get to watch the movie(s) after. Bonus yet again!!

Plasa Exhibition – ExCel Centre

I really cannot remember for the life of me what the product was that I was representing, but I do remember I hadn’t long started using CDs and I actually couldn’t use the CD players that well. I do also recall the stands opposite trying to outdo our stand with more sound and that James Zabiela done a pretty damn impressive demo on the Pioneer stand. I basically felt like a lemon most of the day.

Late Skates – Somerset House

This was another unique set up at Somerset House, where Kinky Malinki hosted a late night skate event. This was pretty memorable for a punter coming up and asking us why we were playing a tune with swearing in it. His exact words were “This tune is a little unnecessary isn’t it?” It was past 9pm and there were only adults skating, so we had to laugh.

Bullfrogs Xmas Party – Their Shop, Greenwich

Every Xmas I get invited to play for this small independent fashion chain and they clear out the top level of one of their outlets and we all have a fancy dress based rave up till the wee hours. It’s kind of like a house party and people that have stopped working often come back just for the Xmas party, as it is that much fun, as Xmas parties should be right?

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