To Troll Or Not To Troll, That Is The Question?

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The other day I ended up getting into a Twitter conversation with some guy named DJ PM (yes, he actually has said that he styles himself off of the deceased DJ AM, who was considered by many to be a top quality DJ in many senses of the word). Now I’d never heard of this guy before but he had 72,000 followers, so I done a small bit of homework and it brought up the fact that he’d been in some DJ X Factor type reality show on VH1, called Master Of The Mix. The reason his name popped up in my timeline was because DJ Craze (one of the best turntabalists alive) had retweeted a comment about DJ PM wanting to battle other DJs with House Music, which isn’t really a type of music synonymous with clashing. His tweet read “For all the DJs with giant egos: lets battle with some house music or STFU”.

Me being the busy little sod I am, got straight on his TL to get a measure of the guy. Was he just playing? Was I taking one tweet totally out context? Let’s be honest, we’ve all done that! But I wasn’t. Tweet upon tweet of blowing his own trumpet. What’s the problem with that I hear you say? Nothing really, if that’s how you like to operate, but it made me laugh how great this guy felt he was. I feel that humility is a rare commodity in this game, which makes me really appreciate the down to earth DJs. I scrolled down some more and there was a live video from some packed club somewhere in the US. What sort of tunes do you reckon were on there? Yep, you guessed it, pure EDM Bangerz played for about a minute each accompanied by a Klaxon….of course!! So I called this guy out, that probably constitutes as trolling, but I wanted to hear what this guy had to say. He replied with “video shows a mainstream club. Go on soundcloud and listen to my Ibiza mix. That’s my style”. On to soundcloud I went. This mix was clearly headed up as “Non-Commercial” and guess what it started off with? Some remix of Phil Collins ‘Easy Lover’ and just for good measure he threw in that massively underground cut ‘7 Nation Army’. Once again I questioned this and his reply was “over 331 comments like that mix”!!

You may be thinking ‘what is my point?’ And yes, I could’ve just ignored the whole thing, but it genuinely intrigued me, how he thought he was such a good DJ and had a very high opinion of himself. This rankled me somewhat. It made me think about how mainstream America consume dance music and how it is perceived and how many of the DJs haven’t got a clue (admittedly this isn’t just confined to the USA of course) and can play across various states to big crowds, however haven’t even been to Ibiza or London and subsequently consume the music and lifestyles of those places via blogs and Beatport charts.

Put simply, I think it’s a total joke that someone that’s really very popular (in the US) can run his gums about clashing DJs and saying “How many scratch and battle DJs play festivals? NONE” and then doesn’t expect some sort of comeback? I had some supporter reply to me saying “bullying is the main cause of suicide. How would u feel if ur bullying resulted in that?”. I think DJ PM will get over it!? Maybe I should just ignore these things, but even after all these years I do feel passionately about my craft and about the music.

And heres the video I mention too…..

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