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2017 Best Bits

Written by Grant Richards. Posted in Blog

I finished off last year’s intro with “What does 2017 hold? Gawd knows but it’s surely gotta be a better one than last year” got that wrong didn’t I? But hey we did get Blue Planet II, more Stranger Things, fidget spinners and salt bae , so you’ve gotta cling on to what you can, right?
Top Ten House Tracks

Most Memorable DJ Gig

Deeptrak @ Klub Kokoo, Lodz, Poland
This was a bittersweet gig. Great, in that it was Tony and my first gig abroad as Deeptrak and the gig itself felt very fluid with us having 4 CDJ2000s to mess about with and we even had the club owner dancing on the bar. Always a sign of a good gig. Warming up for us was a DJ called Lukespin (Lukasz to his friends), a guy that has been very supportive of me (and Kinky Malinki) in Poland for about 10 years. Lukasz had been very ill the past few years, but meeting us from the airport and during the gig he was still all smiles, even though he had mentioned he was in quite some pain. I obviously didn’t know it at the time, but that was to be the last time I saw Lukasz as he passed away later on in the year. A harsh reminder that life is so short and to enjoy it whilst you can, just as Lucasz was that night. A great guy, great DJ and someone that will be sorely missed.

The Running Man – Chester Marathon

Written by Grant Richards. Posted in Blog

Running Man
Since re-launching my website earlier this year, I’ve gone ‘off-piste’ a few times with my blogs. There is only so much you can write about music and the clubbing scene and when putting together the ideas for my new site I was adamant that I actually wanted it to be more than just that. Running is now a big part of my life and I’m sitting in bed writing this, aching pretty much everywhere after completing the Chester Marathon, so I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard and write about it.

Let’s give you a little bit of background first. I took my first tentative steps away from the gym treadmill and out into the dark, cold place they call Croydon – I’m not saying Croydon is a dark, cold place all the time, it was actually night time and really cold. I completed just under three miles that night, back in March 2010. I remember it vividly. Where I ran. What I wore. How I felt – I was blowing out of my backside, by the way, but I’d made a start. Quite soon after that one of my best pals, who is a Territorial Army member and regular marathon runner, had me signed up for the Dublin Marathon. Fast forward a few years, a few thousand miles ran and a few thousand quid raised for The Adolescent Childrens Trust and Nordoff Robbins Music Charity (at the Dublin and Amsterdam marathons respectively) and something in me tells me it’s time to tackle another marathon.