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Are You A Robot?

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Another weekend gone, another DJ gig and another ponder. And we know what my pondering leads to don’t we? Yep, a few paragraphs of me waffling nonsense (and a little sense) and hoping you lot will play along.

Too Old To Rave??

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A work mate joked to me the other day “Aren’t you a bit too old to be gallivanting around night clubs?” It was one of those comments that was said in jest, but had an undertone that was deadly serious. You’ve probably guessed that I’m a bit of a thinker by now (well, when it suits me) and that comment bounced round my head for the rest of the day. It disappeared for a few days and then I ended up playing at Warehouse for Kinky Malinki and one particular clubber brought that comment flooding back, so I thought I’d write about it.

New Podcast – Mysterious Vibes 11

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This is my longest running mix series and the one I spend the most time putting together. I collate tracks over a few months, dig out a few older bits and then piece it all together. What this mix series represents, are the tracks that I really dig, that don’t fit within the confines of my usual club sets. An eclectic set that works in some disco vibes, laidback house beats, bass and some forward thinking drums. When I describe this series of mixes to friends, I say to keep an open mind to the music and imagine you’re in a cool bar or you’ve stumbled across some random little tent at a festival, in the afternoon and you hear a load of music you don’t necessarily know, but you go with it. That’s what I’d invite you to do with this mix. Enjoy x

Sh!t Promoters – If The Cap Fits

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You’d think that over fifteen years in the game, I’d be able to avoid being let down on DJ bookings? Of course there are always occasions when the party just can’t go ahead. Plenty of people were wondering what would happen to the Hard Times party with Todd Terry over the Bank Holiday weekend when Cable was closed down by National Rail out of the blue. In that case, the show did go on but things like club licensing issues can mean that DJ bookings get cancelled. When agents are involved, they build in cancellation fees into bookings or often have the entire fee upfront, so you could say that it’s ‘OK’ for named DJs, but what about the grass roots gang who don’t have agents?

May Chart Ting

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1. Jacques Greene & Tinashe – Painted Faces – Yours Truly

2. FCL – It’s You (Flashmob Mix) – Defected

3. Yousef – Think Twice (Catz & Dogz Mix) – Defected

4. Memz & DeeAfro – Fallin’ 4 U (Studio 35 Edit) – Form & Function

5. Martin Ikin – Rhythm – Off Recordings

6. Jordan Peak – Its Time (Argy Dub) – Air London

7. Greg Stainer & Will Clarke – Where To Find You – Maquina Music

8. Mason – A Girl Like Me (Joyce Muniz Mix) – Great Stuff Recordings

9. State Unknown – Into You – Promo

10. Syron – Here (Blasé Boys Club Mix) – Ministry Of Sound

Here’s my Number One for you to check out how sweet it is……

Look Ma, I’m On TV!!

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So, I was in Slovenia at the weekend playing at an Absolut Vodka sponsored bash for Kinky Malinki. Apparently it was quite the social gathering for the cool bods in Ljubljana (it’s taken quite a few trips to learn how to spell that off by heart!!), so much so that it ended up on Slovenian National TV. Special prize if you can work out what’s being said?

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