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I’m not sure exactly how you should tackle writing a blog on someone you’ve followed enthusiastically, for a period of time that goes even beyond my DJ career? Sitting here typing this intro makes me feel like a grass. When I was at school the lowest of the low was a grass, so it makes me feel a tad uneasy where I’m going with this, but I had a few beverages the other night and it got me thinking about Marc Kinchen and I felt I had to jot this down and see where it went?

Sometimes, in this scene I dip my toe in from time to time, I see things that make me raise my rather large eyebrows and ask questions. Questions I often end up finding the answer to. However those answers tend to evade the masses. Whether it’s because it’s not reported wider, or because people just don’t really care, either way, sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and this time around I thought I’d tap my sausage fingers pon da keyboard and raise a topic for discussion.

So, Marc Kinchen: most of you will know him as MK, most of will have been in nappies when he originally come on the scene and most of you will have been bumming off Chris Brown a few years ago, before you got on to ‘Deep House’ and fell in love with the drop on MK’s remix of Storm Queen ‘Look Right Through’ that then went on to top the national chart.
Do you actually know that he had a crazy spate of remix hits in the mid 90s that culminated in the triumvirate of remixes that even your Nan probably knows, which are: Nightcrawlers ‘Push The Feeling On’ Celine Dion ‘Misled’ and Jodeci ‘Freek N You’, the former is such a dancefloor filler it’s been remixed more times than Katie Price has had men and gives Show Me Love a run for it’s money!

If you’re anywhere near my age a) I feel sorry for you and b) you’ll know all that shit and won’t be reading this anyway, as you’ll have real life to deal with, rather than pondering about why MK hasn’t really had many original productions, since his really early hits Love Changes, Burning and Always. All of those featured Alana on the vocals, and were originally released in the early 90s. The latter two have been given a recent lease of life through remix packages via Defected and MOS, with Always getting a push right now that looks to see it getting high up on the Radio One playlistings.
Is that not THE most unique chart act of all time? Bothering the charts time and time again but with not much original material to back it all up? MK was and obviously still is a big deal, beyond all the shuffle crew love, he was commanding big remix fees way back when. Then he was Will Smith’s in house producer, whilst working with Pitbull (which most people tend to gloss over) and right now he is being courted by one of the biggest record labels in the world, but do they care that he’s not released much original material? Not right now whilst he’s nailing chart topping remix hits, but someone, somewhere will start to scratch their head and see where I’m coming from. I think?
Maybe I’m wrong? This is a guy that was in the wilderness for many moons. Although admittedly that wilderness was Will Smith’s studio! Thought of by myself and many others, as a genuine legend of the scene, up there with Masters at Work, Todd Edwards and Todd Terry, but who has become somewhat of a caricature of his former self that thrives off of social media (yes, I smell the irony here) and loves a snapchat convo with 20 something year old Essex girls. As I write more of this, I question the fact I’m just a bitter old DJ that would probably enjoy nothing more than wiping MK’s brow with a fluffy white towel and trying to flog it on eBay, as the girl did a few months back, but truth be told I find some of it a bit odd and just keep coming back to my main question: Why can’t MK come with more original material? Why can’t MK get in the studio with Ella Eyre or Kiesza or Joel Compass? I could list fresh artists all day long but I just can’t fathom why it’s not happening? I guess I don’t have the answer to that particular question. I know MK has been working with Lee Foss and Anabel Englund but if truth be told, it seems like they like getting off their chops together, more than they churn out original material.

Maybe one day I’ll be proved wrong and I’ll be able to add a new MK artist album to the multitude of 12”s and the two Defected compilation albums I have in the archives?? In fact, I really do hope that is the case at some point.

6 thoughts on “Original MK Material……You’re Listening To The Charts”

  1. I love his old tracks but have found myself not playing newer releases in my set any more. It’s a feeling of being too commercial if I played one of his tracks in one of my sets sad really

  2. Personally i don’t think that’s fair. First up, remixing is as much an art form as producing originals. Most producers of vocal house will work with an accapella before they get a vocalist to write on a new groove anyway. If they don’t, they’re missing a trick. So the technical processes of remixing vs original production are pretty similar anyway. And MK’s body of work is pretty varied. They certainly don’t all sound the same. Obviously you can tell they are by the same guy, but so you should be able to – that’s his sound. I can tell a Kenny Dope remix or a Disclosure remix or a DJ Spen remix after 2 bars. So stop nit picking and enjoy a stand out artist at the height of his powers

  3. Nice read Grant, but after hearing an interview with MK a while back, where he explaines that when he remixes a track he only uses the vocals and builds the rest around it himself… Still think his remixes are somehow original productions in a way… Either way, I like pretty much all his stuff and play a lot of his tracks in my sets

  4. Grant richards: “Yep that was kinda touched on before Stefan Kriek but as a producer yourself you know you have all your fav sounds etc & as much as he’s building an original production around an artists vocal (& even manipulates the vocal to create new melodies) its not original metrical that’s his!!!

    I’m saying why can’t MK have an artist album to rival Tensnakes for example??”


    I heard in that same interview that he is working on that, but that he won’t let anything out to anyone before he feels it’s done… Not even the labels interested, gues we just have to wait! For the rest you are completely right, as a producer you always “fall” for the same kinda tricks and sounds etc… Thats why im trying to evolve every time and set new boundries for myself by using new techniques and technologies (just bought Push for instance) for my Productions and dj-sets!

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