New Podcast – Mysterious Vibes 11

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This is my longest running mix series and the one I spend the most time putting together. I collate tracks over a few months, dig out a few older bits and then piece it all together. What this mix series represents, are the tracks that I really dig, that don’t fit within the confines of my usual club sets. An eclectic set that works in some disco vibes, laidback house beats, bass and some forward thinking drums. When I describe this series of mixes to friends, I say to keep an open mind to the music and imagine you’re in a cool bar or you’ve stumbled across some random little tent at a festival, in the afternoon and you hear a load of music you don’t necessarily know, but you go with it. That’s what I’d invite you to do with this mix. Enjoy x

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  • Ash


    Best podcast I’ve listened to in ages. To give you an idea of what I listen to – ‘release yourself’ (s-man) and ‘defected in the house’ and this blows both out of the water. A podcast I could just let run through out in the sun with the lads. Great effort


    • Grant Richards


      Hey Ash, firstly thanks for taking the time to actually write to me as you could just listen away in silence. And bigger thanks for even mentioning me in the same sentence as Sanchez & Defected as I’m well of how good their podcasts are & how well loved they are.

      The mysterious vibes mixes have always been my favs to compile as it’s different to what I play in clubs & the whole intention has been that people would stick it on when they’re hanging with pals, chatting the breeze, necking a cold one. You know the drill 🙂

      If you’ve not already seen it I recently uploaded part 12




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