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Over the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a triumverate of interviews that, not only am I very proud of, but the interviewees have been rather happy with. With Sam Divine saying her interview was one of the best she’s done and that the questions were frank and searching. It’s those little comments that make me strive to get better at this writing lark.

Admittedly I’ve done Q&As/Interviews for Kinky Malinki for yonks, but I feel with the Decoded Magazine team behind me, it’s helped me gain confidence and ‘go there’ with questions that I may not have asked in the past.

If you’ve not read these already, have a butchers, there is some insightful and informative stuff contained within:

Sam Divine

Sam Divine Interview

L&K 2

Leftwing & Kody Interview


Black Girl : White Girl Interview

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