Art Attack

Not put anything in my recommendations for a while and considering I’m a bit of a fanboy of this artist (some call him a graffiti artist, but if you look a little deeper, he’s more than just a graf artist), I thought I’d share the love. So feel free to wander over to his BLOG to check out some of his awesome work. His work can sometimes be risque and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but give it a look. Bet you’ll find something you like!?


Not Mouse or Mau5 but MAUSI

The idea of my recommendations is just all sorts of stuff I dig & I’m gonna make sure I stick up new artists I like, so I can look back & say I TOLD YOU SO or alternatively you can turn around and go WHAT A KNOB when someone flops.

So here are Mausi. This tune ‘Move’ just evokes Summer vibes so hard, even though I know it’s STILL freezing out. Turn this up & imagine the sunshine! I’m off to see this lot support The Other Tribe at XOYO soon and I’ll try and remember to report back. Enjoy.