Category: Fav YouTube Clips

Go Bananas!

The world of House Music promo/music videos is generally full of semi clad, fit women (and occasionally men) but slowly that’s changing and a bit of humour is coming through. We had the Austrian Filter House video, that I posted up a few months back and now you’ve got this slightly strange, but equally amusing […]

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The Nandos Skank

I know it’s hard to take in, but there was a time when Ed Sheeran was an up and coming artist and wasn’t the most famous Ginger in the world. This pretty bloody amusing freestyle, was from a few years ago but still makes me laugh, therefore it goes in my Hall Of Fame. The […]

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“Janice, I’m Falling!!”

Schadenfreude can be a term used for when you laugh at somebody else’s misfortune. Now I’ve laughed at this video EVERY time I’ve seen it over the years. Cruel of me, I know, but the things he says, the non-stop laughter from Janice and how he gets squidged into the harness coz he loves a […]

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