Go Bananas!

Written by Grant Richards. Posted in Fav YouTube Clips

The world of House Music promo/music videos is generally full of semi clad, fit women (and occasionally men) but slowly that’s changing and a bit of humour is coming through. We had the Austrian Filter House video, that I posted up a few months back and now you’ve got this slightly strange, but equally amusing promo for Eastern Electrics, starring that ever so kooky Seth Troxler. Whoever came up with the treatment for this I salute you.

Anyone for a glass of red?? Or a banana??

The Nandos Skank

Written by Grant Richards. Posted in Fav YouTube Clips

I know it’s hard to take in, but there was a time when Ed Sheeran was an up and coming artist and wasn’t the most famous Ginger in the world. This pretty bloody amusing freestyle, was from a few years ago but still makes me laugh, therefore it goes in my Hall Of Fame. The other point that is worth noting, is that EVERYONE in the whole wide world wants a Nandos Black Card. These things are so mysterious that Nandos themselves deny they even exist…..which I know for a fact is lies. It’s the only reason I’d ever really want to be famous!!

“Janice, I’m Falling!!”

Written by Grant Richards. Posted in Fav YouTube Clips

Schadenfreude can be a term used for when you laugh at somebody else’s misfortune. Now I’ve laughed at this video EVERY time I’ve seen it over the years. Cruel of me, I know, but the things he says, the non-stop laughter from Janice and how he gets squidged into the harness coz he loves a bit too much cake, make this a stone cold YouTube Hall Of Fame entry for me.