Fab Free Three #4

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Haven’t done an update for ages and haven’t done a Fab Free Three for a while but a bit of Bank Holiday free time (OK I’ll stop using that word soon!!) meant I could get on the case and bring you some nice tunes for you to download for GRATIS!!

Kicking things off with a bouncing bassy offering featuring the talented Jamie George, he of fantastic hair AND voice…..

Movely swiftly on to this cool remix by one of Belfast’s finest, Jay Kay, who’s been grafting over there for many moons. He serves up a really nice remix of Dirty Vegas here…..

Lastly here’s something seriously sexy and downtempo as Larse remixes rising talent Banks, who I recently saw in concert. This track highlights her emo R&B vocal leanings set to a groovy deep house drum track….

Fab Free Three #3

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Whilst you’re potentially waiting for a new mix (and one has been done, honestly) I’ve rounded up a nice selection of tracks you can go and download for ZERO pennies.

First up is one of my fav tracks of this year. £1.26 if you can tell me what the sample is?

Next up is this thing of beauty. Xander milne has done a variety of ‘Tributes’ over on his Soundcloud and this is my pick of the bunch and features in my latest mix.

Last but by no means least is this futuristic bass tinged edit of Sohn by XO (whoever that is?)

Fab Free Three #2

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Here we go with another instalment of great tracks that the artists have out there for you to download (or just stream if you like) to your hearts content, for FREE. My initial offering may have been a little laidback but there’s nothing laidback about this next selection…….

First up is a rolling instrumental from the ever so talented Ben Westbeech aka BrEaCh. This has been put out there to coincide with a new Sony Walkman. Of course these days you don’t need to use a pen to rewind cassettes to save on battery usage!!

Next up is a VIP mix of the Renegade Master sampling track from new hot property Friend Within. I’ve still no idea who Friend Within was in a previous incarnation but he has pals in high places with this being signed to Disclosure’s new record label that run’s through Ministry of Sound.

Last but by no means least is this lovely vocal number from Linden Jay expertly remixed by Cause & Effect who I keep seeing pop up on many a remix atm.

Fab Free Three #1

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OK, so I’m gonna try something new here. A new feature if you will. Every month or so, I’m going to collate three tracks I’ve found whilst cruising the web, that I think are rather splendid. Not only that, they actually come to you for the princely sum of….NOTHING, NADA, NIL!! And none of that dodgy Ukrainian website nonsense either, these will be legit tracks that the artists have put out there for all to consume.

Here is my first instalment. I hope you like the idea and more importantly, I hope you like the music. If you do, feel free to support the artist by following them or clicking LIKE on Stalkbook.

*Disclaimer: I’m not getting sent these tracks or paid to pimp them. It’s merely a way of sharing some great music in one burst from the artists, via here, to you. Enjoy

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