Are You A Robot?

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Another weekend gone, another DJ gig and another ponder. And we know what my pondering leads to don’t we? Yep, a few paragraphs of me waffling nonsense (and a little sense) and hoping you lot will play along.

At my gig this weekend, not only did I make one mistake, I made two! On my drive home, I kept chewing them over in my head, as I was annoyed with myself. Firstly, on handover, I went to take the USB out of the right CDJ and I didn’t realise the track playing out on the left CDJ, was linking from that USB. So a bit of dead air, before another track was quickly cued up. I apologised profusely and the other DJ said he didn’t really clock that the tune playing was pulling from that USB either. Anyway, the show went on. About half hour before I finished, I lent behind to chat to a punter asking for a tune and once I turned back around, I went to cue the next track I’d been listening to before chatting, but I pressed cue on the track playing instead. Dead air AGAIN. What a doofus!!

I know this is not on, but things like this do take place. I think I could speak for most of the DJs that I know who have clanged up mixes, ejected CDs by mistake, had crossover technical issues, got off their trolley and not really been able to mix. In fact I know a DJ pal of mine that was so battered he took a piss in the DJ booth. Are there any of you out there that have NEVER done any of the above?

What I’d like to ask though is ‘Is this acceptable?’ from a clubbers perspective, you’re paying up to £20 to get into a club (considerably more if you’re at a festival) you should be getting DJs performing, to the best of their capabilities and being professional, right?? Is a little bit of natural ‘human error’ allowed though? I mean, how many times do you make mistakes at work? If you’re a pilot or a surgeon, maybe not so much, but the majority of people make mistakes, from pro-footballers to politicians, in fact all politicians ever do is make mistakes, I’m sure!?

Perhaps you might think that the more high profile the DJ, the better they are, or the more professional they are? Have you ever watched/listened to the Boiler Room? Go have a look the majority of mixes are NOT flawless. I heard of another high profile DJ, who’s a recovering alcoholic. He fell right off the wagon, got totally spangled, and so much so, he dropped his laptop several times during the set and couldn’t continue. Or you could look to one of the most high profile producers and remixers right now, who hasn’t actually DJed that long and whose live mixes can sometimes be a little wobbly, to put it kindly.

What would you prefer though? The potential for human error or the cold and calculated sets you often get with some of the A-Listers, where mixes are pre-prepared as they have to sync perfectly with a load of pyrotechnics? Maybe you don’t care either way? Maybe you’re just as wonky as the DJ having a stinker and you don’t even notice, as you’re too busy having a lovely time?

I didn’t have any excuse for the weekends slackness. I should’ve concentrated more. I completed my lines for punishment, not that type, you’re reading them!! I guess if I’m honest, I can’t promise I’ll never make a mistake again. I’m only human (and part waffling machine).

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  • Robin K


    Dude my best one was using vinyl putting the next 12 on top of the one that was playing.. Cue loud needle screeching noise followed by dead air and me not able to work out what I’d actually done..
    I think everyone makes mistakes as we are all human.. I’d rather hear a dj clang a mix than watch him mix without touching anything ,with no headphones on, whilst fist pumping…
    Oh and in the 103 at ministry Danny K pushed the +10 pitch on the cdj rather than the pitch lock… Was like the chipmunks remixed the tune 😉


  • Chris Williams


    Putting a record on top of another record, taking the needle off the wrong turntable, like you said we’re only human we all make mistakes.


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