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I thought it may be a good idea to get a load of questions from people I know and answer them for my site. Most DJ’s websites are just Biogs and Pictures of them looking awesome/moody etc so I thought I’d do this to add to my biog and me looking awesome/moody etc.

All questions are genuine, by people that actually exist and worded by those people. So here we go….

Evan Read (Twitter): Who are your Inspirations and why?

Well let’s get the clichéd one’s out the way first. My Uncle and my old dear were very early influences, helping shape my musical palate and setting me on the right path. Showing me there was music outside the mainstream. Then I look to people like Marc Kinchen and Todd Edwards, who have had lengthy and prolific careers from being great at what they do and being seemingly nice people too.

Kelly Avis (FB): What is your favourite cheesecake?

This is actually a tougher question than you think. This is the guy that actually RAN to this huge cheesecake place, when I saw the sign in the distance in a mall in Vegas!! I had a Crunchie honeycomb cheesecake once and I think that was my fav, but I’ve never seen or eaten it again. A good slice of plain New York Cheesecake can hit the spot though.

Mindy Wigzell (FB): What is it with you and shoes?

I can only really trace this back to my old Saturday job at Olympus Sports. I was a ‘Footwear Specialist’ (I actually took an exam and got 98%) and even designed some trainers and sent my sketches to Nike (that wrote back & explained their design team process).

Jo Miller (FB): What started your sneaker obsession and what was the first pair you bought?

Working at Olympus really got my interest up. I went to a huge sportswear exhibition at Earls Court and saw loads of future sneakers along with an array of sports stars like Gazza, Matt Le Tissier and Lennox Lewis. As a young chap I was mesmerised by it all and it’s stuck with me all those years.
I can’t actually recall the first pair I bought but I used to have a staff discount card that had £200 credit and my trick used to be to buy a pair of kick, rinse them, then take them back to another Olympus store, saying they were faulty and got something different, making it appear like I had loads of trainers. One pair I specifically remember from those times is the original Nike Air 180 running shoes.

Roo Lee: Favourite Sneaker?

I guess that’ll mean fav sneaker I own? This is like asking which of your children you prefer! If I had to say just one pair, then I’d pick my Nike Air Max 90s that I designed myself at the Nike ID studio in London. Black, pink and blue with GR75 on each heel.

Martyn Avis (FB): Other than Zeedonks, what’s your favourite animal combination, real or fiction?

Well I am a massive fan of animal genetic splicing, more in the world of fiction more than anything else and I think I’d opt for the classic LIGER, half lion, half tiger as mentioned in the film Napoleon Dynamite.

Steve Warsap (FB): Rufus appears out of nowhere with a time travelling phone booth. You can go anytime in the past. What time are you travelling to and what are you going to do when you get there?

I’ve only read about Studio 54 and the mad goings on there in the late 70’s. Crazy days of disco with all the excess and decadence along with all the cool locals. I definitely would’ve liked to have experienced that just the once and got fully involved.

Lewis Taylor (FB):

1) As a fellow wearer of manbrows, how do you keep them in check?
I do own an impressive pair of eyebrows. God forbid what they’ll be like when I get older? They are easily kept in check by my barber who works it in with my haircut.

2) Goalie Gloves or Trainers. You can only collect one. Which would you choose?

Trainers, all day long. The glove obsession goes back as long as the trainers but I only started collecting them a few years ago.

Robin K (FB):
1) you have 2 vocalists to perform over your sets. Who would you pick and why?

I’m going to be realistic and pick artists from the house music arena, rather than be daft and say Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake. The first would be Jamie Lee Wilson. She’s really picking up steam now working with loads of producers, but back when she lived in the UK, we worked together a lot and we worked on what we called ‘Live Bootlegging’ which was Jamie Lee singing certain vocals over instrumental house tracks and we performed together at many Kinky Malinki parties.
Then I’d pick Ben Westbeech. I’ve been a fan from when I first heard the Osunlade mix of ‘So Good Today’ up to the present day. He’s a very talented artist, musician, producer and DJ and seems like a very positive and friendly guy too.

2) Best live DJ set you’ve ever heard?

Any DJ EZ set, anywhere. I’ve seen him quite a lot over the years and he’s never disappointed. Very good DJ technically and he sure knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy.

3) You only have one album to listen to ever again. What is it and why?

Friendly Fires first, self-titled album. I never tire of listening to it and every track on there is superb in my opinion. Although maybe I would get bored if it was the only album I’d ever listen to again.

4) If you were part of an 80s break dance crew, what would my nickname be?

I think I would use a nickname I’ve had in the past from a few people and that is Granty Sneaks. Which incidentally would also be my mafia name.

Shona Watson (FB): What’s your favourite tune of all time?

This is a tough enough question when it’s just about my fav house tune, but tune of all time. That’s a hard choice. I’ll go with one of the songs I know all the words to and that’s Snoop Dog ‘It Ain’t No Fun, If The Homie Can’t Have None’. Admittedly not the most PC track in the world. Or one that’d be considered a classic by many, but I love it and it reminds me of fun times at college.

Mystery Person (FB): What is your favourite smell?

I’m into my smells as much as I am into goalie gloves or trainers. I actually can’t fit any more fragrances on my shelf. My fav fragrance is probably DKNY Fuel which was reissued the other year in Harrods. Then my favourite smells that aren’t synthetic, would probably be something like cinnamon. I love the Christmas edition spicey plug-ins and can’t walk past a Cinnabon shop without buying one.

Miki Haines (FB): What is your favourite City and why?

Can I put London? I’ve been to plenty of wonderful cities that have really fascinated and interested me on my DJ travel. Places like Hong Kong and Shanghai were amazing and quite overwhelming in a way. I really love Paris too, even if they don’t really love us Brits very much.
I’ve been born and raised in LDN, lived in various parts in the East, West and South and obviously go out around London all the time and I’m still not bored of the place. I’m constantly finding somewhere new and interesting to try out. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the place……although saying that I wouldn’t be adverse to a little home on the beach somewhere hot when I’m older!

Phil Scott (FB): If you starred in Back To The Future, what date would you go back or forward to and why?

Well I’ve already gone back in one of the other questions, so this time I’ll go forward in time. To a time when Earth isn’t called Earth any more but is called Apple due to their world domination. They were able to change the name of the planet due to the fact they eradicated war and famine everywhere and also turned pandas into an easily breeding species…..although the pandas were genetically modified to be Apple white, of course.

Grant Nalder (FB):
1) Will your ears ever stop growing?

Unfortunately not, no. This brings me deep sorrow too. When I was at school I had buck teeth AND big ears! Thankfully my head grew a bit and I got my teeth sorted out, but as we all should know. Men’s ears and nose’s don’t stop growing. I will be renting out advertising space on them in 20 years.

2) Would you rather have a boiled egg for an eye or six inch nasal hairs you couldn’t cut?

I’d go for the nasal hair option. The egg would smell and I wouldn’t be able to see out of it. With the nasal hairs, I’d just plait them, style them or maybe make them look like a moustache?

Claire Trebes (FB): If you could play 1 track in 1 club anywhere in the world, what would the track and club be?

OK so this is only 1 song, so it’s not like I’ve got a whole set to control a crowd, so what I’m going to do is pick a more laidback song and a venue that would suit the mood. The song I’d pick is LoveBirds ‘Want You In My Soul’ and I’d like to play that at the Ku De Ta beach club in Bali and everyone can be laying on the sunloungers, Bintang beer in hand, whilst the sun sets to that tune. I can actually close my eyes and imagine that.

Mark Crosby (FB): What’s your favourite sweets/chocolate and why?

Erm, yet another addiction of mine. My sweet tooth is a joke. My drawer in work is never without sweets in it. I love boiled sweets like Pear Drops or Aniseed Twists. Then I love standard chocolate bars like a Crunchie or Turkish Delight then posh chocolate bars like Montezumas Lime and Chilli chocolate, moving onto the imported American stuff that is clearly made with twice the amount of sugar and additives to keep you hooked. Why do I have a sweet tooth? I often state it’s to do with my Dad (you should see the family home at Christmas) but it’s not genetic as he’s not my biological Dad.

Paul Crane (FB): Have you always been known as Grant Richards behind the decks?

Damn, I was kind of hoping a question along these lines wouldn’t come up. But it has, so I better answer it. Be prepared to ridicule me. When I first started off back in the House & Garage days I did have a silly DJ name and it was DJ D’Vyne. Yep, spelt like that too. Shameful. The funny thing is, when people in my day job etc ask my DJ name and I say “Grant Richards” they are totally non-plussed and are actually expecting something daft like DJ D’Vyne…..OK maybe not that daft.

Natasha Lily (FB): If you could be any object in the world, what would you be?

There’s a lot of scope there to be pretty much anything isn’t there? I mean I could be Sofia Vergara’s dressing gown. That could be enjoyable. But I guess we’ll keep it animal based? I find monkeys pretty fascinating. The way they act like humans is very amusing. If you go out in Croydon at the weekend you will find a similar situation in reverse!!

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    Hello Other Grant Richards,
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    • Grant Richards


      I did actually send an email to the address you’ve listed in your rather amusing messages but YOU didn’t reply!

      Little do you know my real name is actually Smalls Biggie so no need for you to shed any tears.


  • Grant Richards


    Dear Other Grant Richards,
    I will follow you on my e-mail, thank you for clarifying that your real name is acctually Smalls Biggie. I wish you the best of luck in your music making and hope to hear new songs from you soon.
    Warmest Regards,
    Grant Richards


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