A New Dawn……Sort Of

In an attempt to have my mixes actually hosted on my own website, I’ve been working closely with my IT team (aka my Big Middle Brother) and we’ve come up with the below options, which should enable you to stream, download or subscribe to the podcast via RSS. It’s all pretty technical stuff and you may have switched off at IT but below is an exclusive mix that you can test out and that won’t turn up anywhere else.

This mix, is in effect, an update of a Todd Edwards tribute mix I done 15 years ago, when I was learning the ropes and annoying the folks. 15 years ago it was done on 1210’s to a TDK cassette. This time around a Pioneer controller to Serato. Times and equipment change, but funnily enough Todd Edwards sound has remained as inimitable today, as it was back then. It features the old, the new and the slightly obscure.

Click one of the options below and enjoy.

Download Link


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