"Grant’s enthusiasm for dance music is tangible, his image completely removed from the stone faced jock that remains unmoved by the music. When he DJs he really performs, allowing the music to move him just as frequently as the dancers who crowd in front of him, yet never losing concentration on delivering the end product to devastating effect"

His Mom.


Deeptrak DJ Mix

For those of you who are not yet aware, after me constantly going on about it, pimping releases and uploading daft/amusing pictures/videos, I’m one third of DEEPTRAK a house music collective out of Essex and I recently did this promotional DJ Mix that you will probably enjoy quite a lot

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New Year, New Mix

I’ve not been very prolific with my mixes of late, but I’ll go with quality over quantity!!So Here’s my new See No Evil, Hear No Evil Mix for your ears: Tracklist: Alex Metric feat. The New Sins – Drum Machine Rosie Lowe – Worry About Us (Ewan Pearson Mix) Waterson – Tell Me (KDA Dub) […]

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Twenty Fifteen – My Year In Review

This time last year I was writing the preamble and talking about a new job and buying a new house. A year later I’m back living the bachelor flat life. Life is a funny old thing, isn’t it? Bumps in the road all over the shop. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all […]

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2016 – My Best Bits

It’s pretty fair to say that 2016 isn’t going to go down as a classic, or if it does it’s for the wrong reasons: Brexit, Trump and the unfortunate passing of many iconic musicians. To look at the positives on a personal tip, I’ve enjoyed interviewing individuals that I’ve respected and looked up to for […]

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Hatrick of Interviews

Not really updated my site in yonks but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been up to much, far from it actually. For a start there was this trio of interviews for Decoded Magazine: Bushwacka Interview Justin Berkmann Interview Danism Interview

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The Rise & Fall Of UKG

If you have reached your mid-30s, dabbled in London life and been a clubber or DJ (or both), there is a high chance that your musical progression went something along the lines of this: Rave/Jungle/D&B to UK Garage to House Music. This was my musical path and there are still a legion of white van […]

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